The Blog is Live!

So I finally got time to start our living in Denmark blog. (I’ll perfect the theme later.) You can check in here for more in-depth information about what we’re up to in Aarhus as we acclimate to Danish living. I figure I’ll really start updating this on Monday once B starts work. (I think he’s secretly freaking out that he has to go in to a Danish work site on Monday, though he won’t admit to it.)

So far, we’ve been trying to see as much of the city as possible to figure out which neighborhood we’d like to live in. Unfortunately, we’ve had to do this on foot since our bikes have yet to arrive. We don’t expect them to come until the 5th at least. We need to be in an apartment by September 1st, which doesn’t give us much time. Apartment hunting seems ridiculously difficult in Aarhus (though our friends in New York and Boston might argue that they have it worse). Aarhus is a HUGE university town, and all the students show up looking for apartments around this time, so we have a lot of competition. More on that to come. (Monday, I promise!)


5 thoughts on “The Blog is Live!

  1. Hi, I just saw your post, I’m an American living in Aarhus with my husband, who works at the University! If you need any advice about the city or where to find things, let us know!


    • Heather, thank you for your offer! We literally just moved to Aarhus last Friday and so haven’t yet had time to look around for other expats or expat groups. I may very well need to take you up on your offer 🙂


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