This Weekend

Brian and I took a break from exploring neighborhoods and apartment hunting this weekend to do some more touristy type things.

Friday we went into the Latinerkvarteret (Latin Quarter) and ate dinner at a popular restaurant called OliNico. It won an award on (which I’m guessing is like the RFT for Aarhus) for Bedste Takeaway and usually has lines out the door for the chef’s special “to go” menu. One thing that Brian’s Danish coworkers have told us is that the Danes do not do doggie bags at restaurants. They do have some cafes and things – sandwich shops and the like – where you can get food to go, but it seems like having a nicer restaurant that does take away food is kind of a big deal.


But we just wanted to try their fish ‘n chips because they smelled amazing.



Afterwards, we wandered the Latinerkvarteret, just soaking up the late evening sunlight.



In Denmark you can walk around with an open can of beer and it’s no big deal, which is obviously totally different from the US. So Brian and I gave it a try. I’m not gonna lie, it felt a little weird. So mostly we just sat by the canal in this area where you can come with you own food and drinks and still sit in the middle of the action.

Just to show that we’re not the only ones walking around with open drinks:


This was the canal on our way home Friday night where Mølleparken meets the canal. The park was full of 20 and 30 somethings hanging out and having a drink.

Just to give you an idea of where we are in relation to all of this, here is a map:


We’re the little red dot on the left. The pedestrian street filled with shops is the red line. It starts at the train station and meets up with the canal, which is also bordered with shops and restaurants. Directly north of the canal is the Latin Quarter, filled with, you guessed it, lots of shops and restaurants. We’re in this area of Aarhus quite frequently since our apartment is only a few blocks away from it all.


Saturday, Brian and I went to a big electronica music festival – Stella Polaris -that was just a block or so to the north of us. Apparently it’s become a popular music festival in Northern Europe. It travels to various cities and was here in the Botanisk Have (Botanical Gardens) from 12-9 on Saturday. We went for a couple hours and found quite a crowd.




You just sit back and let the electronica wash over you. Many people brought picnics, and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Somersby (a line of ciders made by Carlsberg) were there selling refreshments. 

So it was quite a fun weekend!


4 thoughts on “This Weekend

    • How fun! Small world 🙂 It seemed like all of Aarhus was there. I loved how everyone brought their kids along. That probably wouldn’t have happened in the US.


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