And Back to Real Life





Brian started work on Monday, and all of a sudden we’re back to real life. It’s only his third day, but it feels like longer, which seems to be a theme with our move.

He catches the bus at 7:30 every morning to get to work by 8:00.



While I stay home and try to find us an apartment, join international networking organizations, run around doing errands, and hand wash some clothes in the sink because it’s been 10 days and we’re still in limbo in this second temporary apartment. 

Yesterday I went on a walk in the Botanisk Have, which are Aarhus’ botanical gardens. It’s not so much a garden as a big park, but it’s a nice walk.Image



Most of my errands take me into the Latin Quarter as that’s where everything is, including the grocery store we’ve been going to. This picture was taken right outside the Føtex and is fairly representative of the Latinerkvarteret.


It sounds like we should be moving to our next apartment on Friday or at the latest on Monday, and we should be there for the rest of August. Then I’ll have a whole new neighborhood to share! In the meantime, we’re still frantically trying to find somewhere permanent to live. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we find something good!



2 thoughts on “And Back to Real Life

  1. Allison – We’re loving your blog and really enjoy seeing all the fascinating parts of Aarhus. What a beautiful place! I hope the Danes are nice and that you are getting to meet some residents. Keep it coming! And, don’t get discouraged about the apartment. Per Hotel Marigold, if it’s not alright, it’s not the end yet…because in the end it will be alright! We miss you and can’t wait to talk with you on Sunday! Love, Mom Pierce


  2. I love the stones in the streets, they always capture my attention as I wander down some small area of an old town. Looks very nice!


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