Weekend Fun

This weekend was a weekend of flea markets and street food.

Saturday, Brian and I wandered around the city center, looking for rain jackets/wind breakers. We found this flea market in Bispetorv. (“Torv” means “square” in Danish.)


And these shawarmas. mmmmmm meat.Image

Then Sunday we went out for lunch and found this flea market just across the street from us in Mølleparken. (That’s the ARoS art museum in the background.)


And these very yummy hotdogs


Mmmmm meat.

Of course, neither Brian nor I are really flea market people, but it was fun to wander through. And the food was yum.

And we found this: the brand new Starbucks, the first Starbucks in Jutland. It’s housed inside a department store called Salling located on the pedestrian street.


We, of course, did not partake having found the Danish version of Starbucks, called Baresso, which we like better. They still make their espresso shots by hand! But check out the crazy line!


Apparently, Denmark was ready for Starbucks.

Sunday afternoon we also went over to the house of one of Brian’s coworkers for coffee and cake, and we got to meet his wife and two young children. Two young Danish children who were totally adorable and had no idea why these strangers were in their house speaking all these unintelligible sounds.

So all in all our third weekend here was a good one. We should get our bikes on Tuesday, so next weekend will be full of biking fun. Yay!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. Allison & Bri –

    Looks like a really great weekend in Aarhus. Back to pickles and hot dogs!
    Hope the move is going s well and we’re ooking forward to pix of the new place. Can’t wait ’til you get the contract on your permanent apartment. Sounds wonderful!

    Love to you both,
    Mom Pierce


  2. Hello! Your blog is wonderful, Allison. Aarhus looks storybook-like with its old and new buildings and cobblestone streets. The pickles with hot-dogs looks the best. My mouth is watering at the sight!


    • Hi Deb! Aarhus is pretty picturesque. Even the suburbs here are cute! Tell everyone I said hi. I guess L and J are still gone on their honeymoon? I hope they’re having fun!


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