Our Third Temporary Apartment

Our landlord sure knows how to fix up an apartment!


3 thoughts on “Our Third Temporary Apartment

  1. Dear Nomads —

    Love your new place! Looks like it captures loads of nice sun and has a nice view. The extra space certainly makes up for the tiny bathroom! Thanks for the update, and please keep us posted on progress with your permanent place.
    Hope to talk with you mid-afternoon Thursday (St. Louis time). Love, Mom Pierce


  2. Hello from Chicago! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your adventures, and Aarhus looks like a lovely city. I can’t help think though of Ikea everytime I see pictures of your apartment. Mike was glad to see that your bike’s arrived safely! Love to you both, Judy


    • Hi Judy and Chicago! The apartments we’ve been staying in so far have definitely been furnished with mostly Ikea stuff (since our landlord is probably trying to furnish them as cheaply, but stylishly, as possible), but even the actual Danish living spaces remind us of Ikea. It’s just the aesthetic.

      Brian is putting his bike together right now! So far, everything looks like it made it OK.


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