Off To Work We Go

Or one of us at least. Brian rode his bike to work for the first time today.



2 thoughts on “Off To Work We Go

  1. Down five flights of stairs followed by a good thirty minutes of pedaling! I assume you’ll have a BIG dinner waiting for him when he
    gets home.


  2. Allison –

    Brian looks like a true Dane in his biking gear. Let’s see if his legs hurt after he gets home….this could take some getting used to!

    You’ll be out there cycling and doing something really great and fun soon…besides moving from place to place. Any word on permanent digs? I was thinking yesterday that, after you get settled, it might be time to think about writing an absolutely wonderful children’s book on some fanciful topic. Lots of ideas and talented illustrators in magical Denmark? They have a wonderfully strange, yet fanciful way of looking at life. I’d love to peruse a Danish bookstore’s children’s section.

    Really enjoyed your blog on how Danes think. Very interesting!
    Lovin’ your blog….

    Mom Pierce


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