I Held Out As Long As I Could


But eventually, I gave in. Yum yum yum.


3 thoughts on “I Held Out As Long As I Could

  1. I lived in Scotland for a while in the 80s while in college. I vividly remember stocking my kitchen shelf in the house I lived in with a jar of peanut butter. One morning in the communal kitchen I made myself some peanut butter toast (yum!). The Scottish, English, and Spanish women in the room were appalled and disgusted! Now, they were all wonderful young women and good friends – so I wasn’t as much offended as amused. The Scottish and English women just said “how can you eat that?” The Spanish woman (doing her residency at the Edinburgh hospital) said “do you realize how fattening peanut butter is?” I laughed and told them I was going to hide in a corner to relish my peanut butter toast!


    • That’s hilarious! Who knew that peanut butter was so divisive. I used to eat a lot of almond butter back in the US, so one of the first American foods I looked for at the grocery store was peanut butter. Though I hardly ever eat it, it’s a great comfort food. And besides, the fats are healthy fats 😉


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