Welcome new students…now go home foreigners: figuring out the rare Dane species

What perfect timing. hey you, AU! – a very funny and helpful blog for the international students at Aarhus University – calms all the new students’ fears about those reserved Danes: “once you get one of the rare Dane species to start talking, it’s hard to shut them up! They’re just super shy. And the thing is – the shyness often comes off as that they are cold, unwelcoming people. But now we all know better. We foreigners are on to you, Danes! And we’re going to melt your cold disguises with our international love whether you like it or not! “

hey you, AU!

It’s time for another pre-semester entry. In anticipation of all the new international students who will be arriving in Denmark over the coming weeks, I thought I’d share an interesting map I came across the other day (and also received by other former international students who had studied in Denmark and have now gone on to other, more friendlier countries). The map came from a webpage called “40 maps they didn’t teach you in school” and showed all sorts of silliness… maps about how to say beer in different languages around the world, maps about driving orientation, etc, etc, etc. There was one map that hit specifically close to home though and was about the attitude of the population towards foreign visitors. Here, take a look…

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