Thoughtful crit…

Thoughtful criticism of America might be fine when you’re among Americans, but when somebody starts on a rant about your country and you’re the only person from there within a 10-mile radius, it starts to feel a lot like criticism of you. Soon you’ll realize that you have only two options in how to respond: act as a dumpster for some douchebag stranger’s anti-American inferiority complex, or defend yourself. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be yelling things like, “Fuck you, Nixon was an awesome president!” and, “At least Transformers was better than your stupid ‘Louvre’!”, possibly ending on the phrase “… saved your ass in World War II.”

A humorous article on from 2011 titled “6 Reasons Your Plans to Move Abroad Might Not Work Out” and written by C. Coville. Brought to my attention by another expat blog: living the american dream in europe. I have a feeling that this blog is going to be very helpful, and this article was just too funny not to share.


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