We have an apartment! We signed a contract for it this morning.

It's official.

Me with the signed contract and keys outside the office where the deal went down.

For those of you who have been following our apartment search (which is mostly family), this is a flat that came totally last minute and out of left field. Thank god.

Apartment hunting in Aarhus is hard (more on that to come), and we were not having much luck. We had essentially resigned ourselves to the fact that we’d have to live outside of the city center. Until one afternoon Brian received a phone call. Two days later, we heard back that it was ours.

We will post more pictures once we have a chance to get in and take some good ones, but we’re really excited about this one. It’s centrally located in Aarhus C – right near the Bruns Galleri mall – in a neighborhood that we just love. It’s off a busy street, so it’s quiet. It’s on street level so no more 5+ flights of stairs! The laundry is free in the basement. And the building is small with only 5 other tenants.

I don’t know how it happened – maybe the Gods of Aarhus Apartments were looking down on us – but we did it. We officially have a place to live in Aarhus.


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