Our New Apartment

And so we officially have a permanent address in Aarhus. Here are those pictures I promised. (Click through to see them full sized.) It’s still empty at the moment. Our things are set to arrive on Tuesday, and then we finally get to settle in.

Some facts for those who our interested:

– We’re in a street level apartment, which is actually set a little above street level so people can’t look in your windows. Americans would call this the first floor, but in Aarhus it’s actually floor 0.

– There are only 5 other apartments in our building, and all of them but one have only one tenant in them. Which means that we live in an abnormally small building. We are super excited about this. Some of these apartment buildings are huge and feel more like dorms. It also crowds the basement and shared space.

– There’s covered bike parking in the basement, which is awesome. Lots of people here leave their bikes outside all the time, but then they can get rusty or stolen. So we’re glad to have indoor parking available.

– There’s shared laundry in the basement, which I guess isn’t ideal but if you’ll refer to points #1 and #2 above you’ll see why it’s not that bad. Also, the laundry is free!

– There’s a lockable storage space for each apartment in the basement. So if we brought too much stuff, we have somewhere to put it.

– Every 2.5 months it will be our turn to clean the stairs, cut the lawn, and shovel the snow out front. This is pretty typical in Danish apartment buildings as a way to keep the shared space clean and share the work across all tenants.

– We love our new landlords. They’re very nice people, and one of them used to live in the apartment herself.

We got super lucky with this place. Somehow, it found us at the very last minute and everything all worked out. Maybe it was “the secret”…


10 thoughts on “Our New Apartment

  1. OH my gosh! I love it! Look at those awesome windows…such good light and it looks so airy. I’m very jealous right now! Glad you found a great place to live. Soon it will feel like home. I need to save up money to visit!


    • You most definitely do! The Danish have really figured something out with these light wood floors and white walls. It makes all the apartments seem really large and clean. I’m a big fan of our windows, too 🙂


  2. It’s SO beautiful…better in lots of ways than Connecticut and you only have exterior duty 20% of the time. I’m extremely happy for you two and can’t wait to see it with my own eyes. And you can have a birthday dinner in your new place! Love, your mother


    • I can’t wait for you guys to see it either! I keep thinking about things and places that we’ll show you when you’re here. For instance, I’m glad we have a place centrally located because it’ll be much easier for visitors to get around!

      We actually will still be in our temporary place until the end of August. We’ll just have some overlap days to get moved in and situated in the new place.


  3. Hi Allison: Is this like a birthday present or what? Congrats on another year well lived and for the coming year in your new home. And, Happy Birthday:)


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