Culture Shock PicMonkey


It seems that there is one person in every Danish organization/company who can perform/is in charge of any given task. If that person is out on their 3 week summer holiday or out sick, no one else will be able to help you because they are not the one responsible for that task. You must wait until the specific person who is returns.

This blends into culture shock number three.


Things seem to take a loooooong time here. I don’t know if it’s because of the above or because Danes like decisions based on consensus (which leads to many many meetings to make sure everyone’s opinions are heard and everyone agrees) or if it’s something different. Maybe a pace of life thing. For certain situations, that is fine and even pleasant. For other situations – say you’ve just moved countries and you’re trying to get your utilities or internet turned on – that is not very pleasant.

Ah culture shock.


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