The Weekend’s Adventures

A rainy weekend and no Internet = lots of time in Baresso cafés. (In between getting rained on while running errands.) And look at this mocha! That’s a giant wedge if real chocolate. Mmmm.



After a run of good weather, the rain finally caught up with us. It’s felt like fall here all weekend, and people are starting to break out their Danish scarves.

Saturday we spent moving the rest of our stuff into our new apartment so that it now looks like this:


We also made a pilgrimage to Ikea and spent 3 hours wandering around wide eyed at all the cheap designey goodness. Us and 3000 students who just moved into their dorms at AU.

We were without lights of any kind after moving into our new place, so first on the list was a couple of lamps so we wouldn’t be in the dark come sunset. Check, except that we forgot about a kitchen light. Which shouldn’t have mattered except that our stove top and oven apparently can’t be on at the same time or they blow a fuse, something we learned last night when we went to take dinner out of the oven. We improvised, but most of dinner was cooked in a twilight dimness.

Today featured a trip to Bauhaus – a store like Home Depot – out in the burbs for some fuses, half of which I apparently left by the register.

So after some fortifying caffeine and chocolate, we’re off to Kvickly to find something for dinner that we can cook on either the stovetop OR in the oven. But not both.


6 thoughts on “The Weekend’s Adventures

  1. I’ll take some of that cool weather. Yesterday it was 103F. When the thunderstorm rolled in about 7:00 PM we ran outside to pay homage to the rain. It smelled like a tropical rain forest.


    • I can’t even imagine 103F right now. Brian once told his Danish colleague that it was 39C in StL, and he was flabbergasted that it was that hot lol.


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