Happy Efterårsferie!

Photo of fall in Copenhagen by Marionzetta at http://www.flickr.com/photos/marionzetta/1385947581/

This week is Efterårsferie in Denmark. Literally, it means Fall Holiday (although Google wants to translate it into “Thanksgiving” for some reason), and it’s a week in fall when all the kids are off school. Which includes us students in Danish language school!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect since Brian and I have both come down with fall colds and are very grateful we don’t have to drag ourselves to Danish class.

The holiday has it’s origins in Denmark’s farming history. Kids used to need the time off school to help bring in the potato harvest.

It’s the only holiday in the fall semester, while Spring semester has many many many holidays, so it’s understandable that it’s been held over.

So Happy Efterårsferie everyone!

P.S. I really really wanted to use this photo below, but it’s of people in Norway. But it’s so awesome, that I’m going to post it anyway, as a special shout out to my friend and fellow expat blogger Cindi in Norway.




10 thoughts on “Happy Efterårsferie!

  1. Awesome pictures! I love learning about other countries’ holidays and how people celebrate them/their original meaning! Happy (complicated Danish word that I cannot pronounce)!


  2. I LOVE those Norwegian hats! And heck, since the Danes and Norwegians are so intertwined … it *could* have been Danish workers. 😉

    I hope you and your husband are better soon!


  3. Well the holiday calendar differs greatly depending on what type of school you’re attending. The university calendar only has two extra holidays in the spring really… not counting Kapsejlads! 🙂

    Also, as Cindi said, Denmark and Norway have very intertwined histories with Norway once being under the Danish crown – so those very well could have been Danish workers!

    Happy Efterårsferie and god bedring!


    • Good call! I didn’t look closely at the difference between school calendars, but I’m sure you guys are keeping a close eye on it 😉

      Tak! Og i lige måle 🙂


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