Cardinals Mania

If my hometown is anything it is a baseball town. Busch Stadium (above) is hallowed ground, and you do not grow up in St. Louis without at some point participating in Cardinals mania. And now that the Cardinals are in the World Series, the mania has followed us across the Atlantic ocean. We had to figure out a way to watch the games from afar.

I feel like every expat runs into this at some point, how to deal with no longer having easy access to your favorite media, be it your favorite TV show or the games of your favorite sports team. (Or in my case, American books!) Luckily, these days technology makes it possible if not completely easy to continue watching from afar. From Slingboxes to VPNs to online streaming websites, if you want it badly enough there is some way that you can watch your home team win (oh yes, they’re going to win) the 2013 World Series.

So after many experiments with various technologies, a few frustrations and some headaches, we’ve finally hit upon success with the Cardinals games. Mainly, Brian bought the MLB online package, which may be the easy (and non-geeky) way out but let me tell you it is the best way to watch this kind of thing online. Plus, it was super duper on sale since we’re already many games into the series.

The funny thing is that even here in Denmark, Brian runs into the problem of having the game ruined before he can watch it. He hates, HATES!, to find out the score of a game before he has a chance to watch it. Obviously, right now in St. Louis that would be pretty impossible. You’d have to watch the games live or you’d be screwed. But we figured in Denmark – even with the time difference which means that he has to watch the games the day after they air – there’s no way he’s going to accidentally overhear someone at work talking about the score of a St. Louis baseball game. But it still happens! It’s totally nuts, and probably the funniest thing (for me at least) to come out of this whole Cardinals in Denmark experience.

Anyway, I will leave you with one of the many Cardinals memes floating around on the internet:



5 thoughts on “Cardinals Mania

  1. Allison – Great blog and thanks for keeping up the Cards Fever, albeit all the way over in Aarhus.
    We’re all looking forward to the game tonight (Monday) and will be thinking about you. Won’t tell you what happened last night in case you and Brian haven’t viewed it yet. Stay tuned for more World Series results!

    Check out
    Website where the Boston Agency is challenging HLK. Smack talk at: #beardsVSbirdsAd

    Mom Pierce


  2. Hello,
    I’m a fellow American expat living in Aarhus as well. I have been here since March 2012 so it would be nice to meet up for a drink sometime with you and your husband.

    PS. I’m a padres fan so no harm here. 🙂


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