Au Fil du Temps

(Sometimes only French will do.)

Au fil du temps

I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. How your perception of it can change. How it can change you.

We just passed our 90 day mark here in Denmark. 3 months. Such a short time. Usually when I think about our time overseas it seems like we have so much time to go still. 3 whole years. But if I look at it another way, we’ve already spent 1/12 of our time here. From that perspective, our remaining time seems short indeed. Especially when I think of all the places we’d like to visit before we leave. (And of all the work Brian has to finish on his PhD before 2016…) Perspective is something I have to work to keep – I often forget the forest for the trees – so it’s nice when these little moments happen that remind me of the larger picture.

Last Sunday was daylight savings here in Denmark. We fell back one hour, which means lighter mornings (for the time being) and darker evenings (until April). The jolt to darker evenings is always sudden with daylight savings, but it feels more so here. Instead of feeling one hour off for a week or so, you feel like you’re two hours off. I’m very interested to see what December looks like. Luckily, the Danes have lots of hyggeligt holiday festivities to keep your mind off of the darkness.

St. Louis doesn’t have daylight savings until this Sunday, so for the next couple days we’re only 6 hours ahead of our families instead of 7. It reminds me of those few months between my birthday in August and my little brother’s birthday in October when I’m technically 3 years older than him instead of 2. (He used to hate that when he was little.)

Anyway, this got me thinking about how time is such a weird concept. I feel like every moment of our first month here in Aarhus is burned with vivid colors into my brain. I can easily put myself back to stepping off the bus for the first time in front of the train station and trying to find our way to our apartment with our four gigantic suitcases. And I clearly remember the bright sun and warm days of August. Then all of a sudden I look around me and I think, where did the summer go? The last month or so has sped by, despite my moments of homesickness, now that we both have gotten down to day-to-day living.

Time passes is perhaps the one eternal truth. That and winter is coming.

Winter is Coming


3 thoughts on “Au Fil du Temps

    • Yeah, I’ve heard Jan and Feb are the worst because it’s still really dark but there’s nothing exciting to break up the darkness. We’re trying to prepare for it. Buying lots of candles!


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