Bestået! (Passed)

I’ve passed my Danish Module 1 test! Woo!

The test was really not bad, as everyone had promised. But my entire class was so nervous about it beforehand. The nervous energy was definitely high as we all waited in the classroom for our specific test time, pretending to pay attention to the teacher who was similarly pretending to teach her excitable class.

I think a lot of the nerves came from the fact that it has been many (many) years since some of us has had a test, especially an oral one like this. We all knew it would be fine, but the mere fact of the test was making us jumpy.

The test itself was totally fine. Mine quickly turned into a conversation rather than me giving a presentation followed by questions, which I preferred, actually. The lady seemed very nice, and she seemed to understand what I was saying, which was a great boost to my self esteem! (At least until I got back into Danish class and realized that I could only talk competently on a few very limited subjects…) She asked me some fairly complicated questions, like, “What is the process to adopt a baby?” And, “Why do you think they sent a woman to judge if Mie and Henrik were capable of adopting a baby?” These were on the topic of the book that I had read, but I had certainly NOT practiced the answers. So I bumbled my way through, and I’m pretty sure I heard her say that my answer to that second complicated question was very well said. (Though it’s possible my brain was making that up in an effort to stop me from panicking so I could finish my test.)

The only really annoying thing was that I had to wait in a hallway 45 minutes past my given test time because LærDansk is a little disorganized, which did nothing for my nerves. But I got in and I got through.

Well, and the other really annoying things is we don’t get a grade or any feedback or anything. We got a paper yesterday with a single word on it: bestået. I’m totally happy with it, but I’m the kind of student that thrives on feedback, so I kind of wish the tester had at least written a little note to me, like, “Well done, you.” Or, “You’re the most well-spoken Module 1 student I’ve ever met!” Hah, if only.

So now it’s on to Module 2, which our teachers are telling us is a lot more writing and frankly seems much more difficult than Module 1… Fingers crossed!


6 thoughts on “Bestået! (Passed)

    • I figured about the feedback. Oh well. Good to know about Module 2! We just started concentrating on past tense – nutid vs. førnutid – and I think it’s a little confusing at this point b/c it’s new, but I think we’ll all get it down quickly.


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