Our First Snow

This past Thursday, a second “hurricane force storm” hit Denmark, shutting down traffic and generally disrupting lives. It was named Bodil, and it has its very own Wikipedia page.

While some say – and I would agree, probably because I come from the land of freakishly strong and bipolar weather, the midwest of the US – that the media is way over hyping these winter storms, there was some flooding and some damage caused by the truly strong wind gusts. And it seems that the storm resulted in 7 deaths in Northern Europe, 1 of which was in Denmark. And I will admit that the sound of the wind was pretty crazy to hear as we hid out in our apartment Thursday evening. I don’t think I’ve ever really heard wind that loud or strong before.

But the good part was that right at the end of the storm, Denmark got its very first snow:

It's snowing!

It’s snowing!

I am one of those people who really like snow. I love how peaceful it makes the world look and feel. So the next morning, I grabbed my camera and went out for a walk to document our first snowfall here in Denmark. It’s not that impressive as far as inches (um… centimeters… ahem), but it was still really pretty. (It’s already all gone, boo!)

I’m already hoping for more snow here in Denmark. But I just learned the other day – thanks to the International Community organization here in Aarhus – that there is a very specific rule for when you can declare it a white Christmas (or hvid jul) in Denmark: more than 90% of the country has to be covered in snow on the morning of the 24th (since that’s the day when the Danes open all their presents), and the snow must be at least 1/2 cm deep. Go figure!

So fingers crossed for a hvid jul!


18 thoughts on “Our First Snow

  1. Weird that they have a rule for that! It DOES look pretty in the snow. 🙂

    Hopefully you’ll get a white Christmas and we’ll get to see more pictures of Denmark in the snow.


    • Yeah, the benefit of all this darkness is that when the sun is out it’s at that perfect angle all day and you just get beautiful light. Hope you have a merry Christmas where you are!


  2. I am not sure where you heard that rule. To me it sounds like a fib 😉 as far as I know it can be declared a white Christmas if it actualy snows on the evening of the 24th


    • I heard it from a post on Facebook by an international group here in Denmark. Every day they’re posting a new fact about Christmas in Denmark, and this was one of their facts. But my husband has also heard the same thing from his Danish coworkers.

      Apparently, it means that there’s only been like 9 white Christmases since 1900!


  3. Ha, I’ve never heard of anywhere having a rule for declaring it a white Christmas! Funny – must ask my Danish friend! Maybe there is a rule in LV but they just haven’t shared ALL of the madness yet 😉


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