I’m Back!

I’m back snitches!

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple weeks. Though it’s not really a good excuse for a blogger (because apparently blogging is unlike other jobs and you keep doing it NO MATTER WHAT!), but it was the holidays and my mother-in-law was in town so I kind of unplugged from everything. I’ve never had so many emails to catch up on!

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years here in Denmark. I may do a post with a few pictures soon. But now it’s back to real life and all that that entails. Coming back from a trip or the holidays when you’re a new expat is a little weird. On the one hand, it’s nice to be back to your usual routine and surroundings that are more familiar than where you’ve been, even if only slightly. On the other hand, it’s like your subconscious recognizes this “coming back” process and expects to be coming back to the very familiar, a.k.a. your home town. Coming back to your new home can be a little jarring at first. But overall, it’s nice and surprising to realize that our little apartment is starting to actually feel like home and that we can relax here in Aarhus because it is indeed beginning to be familiar.

{And to those of you in Copenhagen who told us Aarhus is boring, boo to you! I much prefer our reasonably sized and not ridiculously busy city to the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen. But then I’ve never been a big city girl.}


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