Our First Christmas in Denmark

Well, we just successfully completed our first Christmas here in Denmark. Luckily, Brian’s mom was able to come over on Christmas Eve and provide some much needed family-ness to make the holiday feel more like a holiday. She stayed until January 7th, and we took her around Aarhus then to Lund, Sweden and then to Copenhagen. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much good food in my life! We all here have to go on diets and start running just to undo all the damage 🙂

Below are some photos of our Christmas and our travels. I explain more about each photo and where we were in the captions. Click through to see the descriptions and the photo in full.


10 thoughts on “Our First Christmas in Denmark

    • Den Gamle By was pretty cool. I can’t believe how old some of Rhodes houses are and how long ago some of then we’re moved to that spot! I’m a sucker for the castles, though. I think it has to do with growing up in the US. We just don’t have anything like them.


      • Egeskov and Valdemar’s have to be some of the best places too
        Now I think about it
        The competition for the best place is tough. Even Radhuset with its spectacular murals and Rosenberg’s old worldliness are magnificent
        Now you have given me a dilemma!!


  1. Your articles are very useful and I really enjoy reading them. 🙂 I am curious, how can I do the same thing you did with your photos?


    • Thanks! Do you mean get the little circles? When you add a gallery of photos to a WordPress post, there’s an option under “gallery settings” to the right to choose how they display. Under the “type” drop down menu, choose “circles.”


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