The Queen is a LOTR Nerd!


I found out the coolest thing today. Queen Margerethe II is a total LOTR nerd! (In the best possible way and coming from someone who owns The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.)

Well, at least she was at one time. Because Queen Margarethe is an official, Tolkien approved illustrator for The Lord of the Rings! How cool is that?! According to

When she was still Crown Princess of Denmark, Margrethe II sent her own illustrations for The Lord of the Rings to Tolkien, and according to one of the queen's biographers, Tolkien was struck by how similar her illustrations were to his own. After ascending the throne, Margrethe II would become an official Tolkien artist, with her illustrations appearing in a 1977 Danish edition of The Lord of the Rings under the pseudonym Ingahild Grathmer.


Apparently, the Queen is quite the artist. Those illustrations are good. And there's even a show at ARoS right now featuring her own paintings and her husband's sculptures.

Here's a link to more of her images for LOTR.

I wonder if she calls it LOTR in private? Or if she saw “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” in high frame rate 3D?



8 thoughts on “The Queen is a LOTR Nerd!

    • I think we all agree that it’s cool that this particular royal has such a talent. And certainly royalty can have talents. It’s just more notable when they do because it’s that on top of them being royalty, so it’s like they’re extra special. It’d be like if you found out that George Clooney also writes very moving poems under a pseudonym. πŸ™‚ In fact, I think it’s more likely that royalty would have the opportunity to develop any talents, so I’m not too surprised that the Queen has done various creative projects in her life.


  1. That is pretty cool! And I think it’s cute that you shared that and I know what you meant by it all…’s just extra fantastic that a royal is creatively talented.


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