Rain Rain Go Away


Oh my god, guys, am I tired of the Nordic darkness. We were told that it gets old quick after Christmas, without all the holiday hygge, and that is most definitely true.

For the past week it has been overclouded and snaining, our very clever made up word for that snow-sleet-rain weather when it can't really tell which type of precipitation it wants to be. Which means that it never gets lighter than the dark gloom in this photo – taken at 10am – and that you spend every moment you can indoors so as not to get snained in the face.

If this were St. Louis, I could take heart in knowing that the next week would have to bring sunshine because St. Louis' weather is so changeable. One day it's snowing 10 inches and two days later it's 60F and sunny. But here, for all I know this could just be winter in Denmark and there's now change until spring. (Hint: I think that this is just winter in Denmark, so I don't have much hope.)

All I know is that I could really do with some sun. I'm starting to day dream about wide open blue skies and sun drenched plateus. (I'm not the biggest beach person, so when I want sun I think about the American SouthWest. That's my happy place.)



10 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. I’m not sure about Aarhus and how it usually is, but this is the dreariest winter I’ve experienced here on the Norwegian west coast in the seven years I’ve lived here. Let’s both hope it’s not the normal going forward!

    (I love your new word, snaining. I think it should become an official one!)


    • That’s good to hear that it’s not just me. It actually hasn’t been that bad until recently. It was consistently around 8 C up through Christmas, so even if it rained it wasn’t that cold. But ever since January started it’s been much colder and windier and…snainier. 🙂 I would just like to see the sun eventually!


  2. Ugh, same here! The snain was the worst part of our long trip out to IKEA this morning, and by the time we get back, it’s dark! 😮 Scandinavian winters make me want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, even though I never really did before, just to have something to look forward to!


    • Hah, that’s a great point! Just give yourself something to look forward to because February is a rough month. I have a feel, though, that March is going to be rough, too. Back in the US, in St. Louis, February was kind of the last real winter month, and in March you could expect it to be a bit warmer and sunnier. But I get the feeling that winter holds on here until like mid April.

      I don’t mind the cold, I would just like it to be light before 9:30. I think that would help a lot.

      We must persevere! 🙂


  3. My first winter here was like that and it was brutal. But the next three were sunny (but FREEZING) and there was snow which reflected the sunlight… The best we can hope for this year is that it snows all the clouds away and we get some light.


    • I agree. I can handle the cold, but the dark is something different. So hopefully the sun shows it’s face soon! Even a little peak out between the clouds would be awesome. I’d be outside in a flash!


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