A Small Update

For lack of discipline and concentration on my part, rather than do a blog post on a specific topic I’m just going to do a general update. Because I feel like there’s a lot going on recently, and my thoughts are a little scattered.

First, this Monday we just saw my parents off to the airport after a two week visit with us here in Denmark. It was so fun to have them finally visit and see where we’re living. We got to share with them where we shop and where we take walks and all kinds of little things that we’ve been saving up over the 8 months we’ve been here. (Um, 8 months already? How did that happen??)

It’s hard, though, because you run out of things to do in Aarhus for two straight weeks of sightseeing. It just is a smaller city. But that’s not to say that we don’t love it. Every time we’re in Copenhagen, some Danish sales clerk or waiter finds out we’re from Jutland and says basically, “Oh, I’m so sorry for you.” And we have a really hard time convincing them that we would rather live in Aarhus than in Copenhagen. But it’s true! It’s just so much more manageable in size and scope, although we acknowledge that we are probably missing out on some resources. (Not to mention the awesome gaming stores!) There are noticeably more foreigners in Copenhagen.

So while they were here, we did all the touristy stuff like visit Marselisborg Slot, the beach, Den Gamle By, and ARoS.

Marselisborg Slot, the royal palace where the royal family stays for Easter, Christmas, and I think summer, too.

They picked a great couple of weeks to come. We had so much sun!

At Den Gamle By.

The obligatory ARoS a Rainbow picture. I like the warm colors better.

But, once we ran out of those, we just started taking walks around the neighborhood, which I like almost as much if not more as the touristy stuff.

And we even got to visit the best game and LARPing store in town! Just look at all those crazy costumes!


The other thing happening is that Brian and I are finishing up Module 2 of our Danish lessons and taking that test. I could do a whole post on LærDansk and its budget cuts and our various frustrations with them (and I probably should). But overall, we’re getting these lessons for free, and we don’t loose sight of that. The first part of my test is on Monday, eek! With the oral part of the test following probably a week later. So I’m busy prepping for that.

Plus Brian has a bunch of courses for his PhD coming up, which for him means a bunch of time spent in Copenhagen and traveling back and forth on the train and for me means a bunch of time watching all the cheesy romcoms he won’t watch and chain-reading YA novels like a boss. So, you know, there’s that to plan.

Hopefully I’ll have a more pertinent post soon, but until now here’s this small update.



7 thoughts on “A Small Update

  1. Loved the pix. sounds like you had a wonderful time! I can’t wait to see your parents back in the Loo and see all their pictures and here their stories. Hang in there, and good luck on the Danish test!
    Love, Mom Pierce


  2. I enjoy reading of family visits to their expats. So rewarding for both parts of the family! It sounds and looks as if it was a relaxing and enjoyable visit. Good luck with your tests!!


  3. Greetings from egypt from an american gal who eloped with an egyptian man I met online! Best wishes on learning danish, I thanks God my husband knows english, because I dont know if I’ll ever learn arabic!


    • Hello! Hope everything is going well for you in English. My sympathies are with you in learning arabic. It seems like it would be difficult. But then I’m starting to learn that you could say that about almost any language!


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