6 Months! And Other Adventures

OK, really I’m 24 weeks today. If you’re counting 4 weeks a month, then that makes me 6 months. Buuuuut, then that would make the usual 40 week pregnancy 10 months long. Soooo, who knows! Basically, pregnant women and doctors count pregnancies in weeks, but no one else knows what I mean when I say “woo, I’m 24 weeks today!” so I’ve been trying to translate that into months to make sense to the non-pregnancy obsessed lay person.

23 weeks on the left, 24 weeks on the right.

23 weeks on the left, 24 weeks on the right.

I was going to cheat a post a picture I took last week because I was all cute and in an actual outfit. But then I realized that I’m noticeably bigger from last week! So I just went ahead and posted them both, so you get a picture of me looking normal and a picture of me wearing pajamas. You’re welcome.

(Now, I say that I’m noticeably bigger from last week, but maybe you won’t be able to tell at all. Lately I’m feeling HUGE, but annoyingly it doesn’t seem to come across in photos at all.)

I’m in pajamas because that’s my prerogative as a husmor (house mother/stay-at-home-mom as the Danish would say) who’s busy blogging and planning our tourist activities for the next weekend. It’s a pretty sweet lifestyle 🙂

Other than all things pregnancy (by the way, now that the baby’s started kicking, it’s like he won’t stop! He’s going right now, and it makes me wonder how I ever couldn’t feel it), we’re busy either working (Brian) or playing the tourist (me, and Brian on the weekends).

Last weekend we went to the Melbourne Zoo, which was super fun. We spent 5-6 hours there! Which is the longest I’ve spent at a zoo in a really long time. (The zoo in St. Louis is free – yay! – so while we used to go all the time, we usually wouldn’t go for more than an hour, just a quick pop in to say hi to our favorite animals.) The best part, of course, was seeing some of the animals that we’re not able to see back home in St. Louis, like koalas and kangaroos and pygmy hippos and the cutest animal ever: the platypus. Plus, Brian decided that the wombat is his spirit animal.

Awwww, aren't they both so cute!

Awwww, aren’t they both so cute!

While I’ve decided that I love the platypus more than anything, the little duck-billed, beaver-tailed, evolutionary weirdo.

And we almost got devoured by some lions, which was pretty crazy. Apparently, we’re not the only ones these lions perform for. There’s all kind of videos of them performing on YouTube.

Apart from that, we’ve been finding our way around the city and planning bigger weekend adventures. Melbourne is soooo different from Aarhus. For one thing, it’s a much bigger city. There’s just so much more hustle and bustle here. During working hours it’s full of professionals in business attire taking coffee breaks and going on business lunches. On the weekends, it’s full of shoppers and then, later, people heading to the club. Perhaps due to it’s larger size, the city is so much more diverse than Aarhus. And it’s so much more colorful! There’s graffiti everywhere, and people wear colorful clothes and crazy outfits.

I'm building up quite the collection of photos.

I’m building up quite the collection of photos.

It’s pretty cool, and a very hip and happening city. It reminds us of a cross between San Francisco and Portland or Seattle. And although I still don’t think we’re big city people (the noise! the crowds!), it’s definitely fun to try it out for a while.

Now, back to planning more adventures!

3 thoughts on “6 Months! And Other Adventures

  1. Allison – Love the pix and the update! Melbourne seems like a really cool and interesting place. Enjoy while you can! You look terrific little Mommy…..take care….babykins will be here soon enough.
    Love, Grandma Pierce

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