It’s Been So Long!

What do you do when you’ve been absent from your blog for, oh, about 3 months? Make a really good excuse and move on?? Well, my excuse is that I’m pregnant and when we got home from traveling my mind went into full on prep-for-baby mode. No more room for thinking about Denmark vs the US, I have drawers to organize!

But I really don’t want to abandon this blog completely. It’s been a great outlet for us while adjusting to life here in Denmark, and I love hearing all of your feedback. So I’m going to try and post a few things before baby comes to say hi. Then I will probably disappear for a little while, but I hope it won’t be for good. I want to keep going with writing and observing as baby grows up here in Denmark, and I have a feeling I will have ample opportunity once I start looking at our world from his perspective.

So I’m sorry if you’ve missed me! I’m sorry if it’s taken me forever to respond to your lovely comments! I’m trying to stay up to date, but I may be a little out of focus for the next few months. Don’t give up on me! And stay tuned for more soon.

5 thoughts on “It’s Been So Long!

  1. Allison – Glad to receive your blog update. And don’t apologize!….We know that being a new Mom will bring many interesting perspectives to your life in Denmark. First things first…Let’s go have a joyous birth and then we look forward to many interesting posts as baby enters the world and begins to experience the many joys of living in Denmark. Love, About-to-be Grandma Pierce. I can’t wait to get the call!

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    • Thanks! The next thing I need to do is make time to go through all the blogs I follow and catch up on everything I’ve missed. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to! 🙂


  2. Glad your travels have gone well and that all is fine with the baby.
    We’re now in Aarhus as well, so it’s exciting times for us to 🙂

    Looking forward to future blog posts.

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