Our New Arrival: Introducing Oscar

At 11:36 am on Thursday, February 19, we welcomed little Oscar into the world. We’re all doing fine and having fun hanging out as a new family of three. I’ll post more once I can get more than 2 hours of sleep a night 🙂

Say hello to the blogging world, Oscar!

Oscar 1

Oscar 2

9 thoughts on “Our New Arrival: Introducing Oscar

    • Hey Zeta. Thanks! I’ve been thinking about you today, if that’s not too weird to say. But I know you recently had Theo here in Denmark, and you and I seem to share some personality quirks. And I’ve been having a little trouble with this whole new mom of a newborn thing, so I’ve been going back and reading your posts from that time, wondering how you got through it all. The lack of sleep is killing me! Anyway, it’s reassuring to someone in the middle of it all to know that you did get through it. Any tips you’d like to share with a new mom before she looses her mind? 🙂


      • Hi 🙂 I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time as well. I just went back and read those posts myself, and just remembered how hard it really was. I don’t know if I have any tips, or can stop you from losing your mind, because I absolutely lost my mind, but I can tell you that you will get it back! You will sleep again, even for big chunks of time. I think if I would tell my past self one thing, it is to TAKE HELP and not to make excuses for not accepting help (for example: having Andreas take at least one night feeding a week, or if a bottle wasn’t a possibility, having Andreas be “in charge” for an entire day, so I can sleep any time I wasn’t nursing.) I wish I could help you out, myself! *hug*


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