The Danish Holidays May Throw You For a Loop

Why the flag? Because in Denmark every holiday of every kind is celebrated by decorating with and flying the Danish flag. Go Dannebrog!

Why the flag? Because in Denmark every holiday of every kind is celebrated by decorating with and flying the Danish flag. Go Dannebrog!

So, speaking of Sankhans aka midsummer aka a holiday I’ve never heard of before coming to Denmark…

OK, OK, I’ve heard of midsummer. I’m not an animal. And I do read a lot of fantasy novels. But I’d never heard of the tie in with St. John the Baptist. (Leave it to those Catholics to so blatantly hijack a pagan holiday.) Nor have I heard of the Burn all the Witches! tradition. I thought midsummer was all about picking herbs to get them at their most magically potent and dancing around poles with flowers and jumping over fires for guaranteed fertility in the coming year. Not sending witches back to Germany… (hehe, that still cracks me up, every time.)

Yeah, so speaking of crazy holidays, I wrote another post over at Panorama about adjusting to the Danish holidays. Because they can take some getting used to at first, especially if you’re from the US.

Why? I’ll give you a hint: it’s because they’re all based on religious holidays, which will really blow your mind if you’re used to separation of church and state. (Or, my mind is just easily blown – which Brian tells me is the truth – and no one else but me really cares about this.)

BUT there’s something else about their holidays that really could blow your mind: they’re all in the spring. Literally, all of them except for Christmas. There are no holidays between June and December. What’s up with that?! I miss all my fall holidays!

So go read and enjoy 🙂


All Posts Have Been Postponed, so Enjoy this Video of a Puppy

I just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts this week. We took a trip to Sweden last weekend and are leaving for Copenhagen on Thursday and we’ve got a lot to get done before then so I don’t think I’ll be posting much at all this week. I’ll get the post about our Sweden trip and all our pictures up next week.

Until then, enjoy this video of an adorable puppy named Milo that is just too cute for words.

Oh my god we’re famous.

Ok, not really. But guys! The BBC linked to this blog in one of their travel articles. The BBC!! Here’s the original article: it’s called “Living In: The World’s Happiest Places” by Sunshine Flint.

Apparently, the World Happiness Report just came out again, and Denmark once again ranks among the top 5 “happy” countries in the world. {Just a small aside: is it weird to anyone else that “having someone to count on” is literally a variable in how they rank these countries? Could they have written a more vague and wishy-washy sounding variable?}

Blogging is such a unique experience, and it is still surprising to me how small the virtual world can be. The interwebs is this huge, vast space, but with blogging you can carve out your own little niche and find your own little community. I’m very thankful I’ve had my blog and my online friends during this experience. They’ve helped me to feel connected in moments when I could have felt very isolated. So thanks for reading, guys 😉

And thanks to my friend Yuka for bringing this BBC article to my attention! I should really be paying more attention to who links to my blog and how people find my blog…


Don’t Freak Out Or Anything…

…but I’m playing with the appearance of my blog. I desperately wanted a side bar for things like a tag cloud and various widgets, all these blog-speak things. I’m trying to keep the same general feeling of my previous blog – light, airy, nordic – but it will change somewhat. But change is so fun! Yay! (ahem *sarcasm* ahem)