Oh my god we’re famous.

Ok, not really. But guys! The BBC linked to this blog in one of their travel articles. The BBC!! Here’s the original article: it’s called “Living In: The World’s Happiest Places” by Sunshine Flint.

Apparently, the World Happiness Report just came out again, and Denmark once again ranks among the top 5 “happy” countries in the world. {Just a small aside: is it weird to anyone else that “having someone to count on” is literally a variable in how they rank these countries? Could they have written a more vague and wishy-washy sounding variable?}

Blogging is such a unique experience, and it is still surprising to me how small the virtual world can be. The interwebs is this huge, vast space, but with blogging you can carve out your own little niche and find your own little community. I’m very thankful I’ve had my blog and my online friends during this experience. They’ve helped me to feel connected in moments when I could have felt very isolated. So thanks for reading, guys 😉

And thanks to my friend Yuka for bringing this BBC article to my attention! I should really be paying more attention to who links to my blog and how people find my blog…