What is that building in your picture?

I’ve gotten this question a few times, and thought I would take time to explain the building in my header because it’s kind of a special building in Aarhus.

It’s called Isbjerget or The Iceberg. It’s an apartment building built by 4 young architects, two Danish, one Dutch, and one French. It is part of a new renovation project in Aarhus to revamp their industrial harbor area into a new and happening neighborhood with apartments, shops, and cafes. In the next few years, Aarhus will add other apartment and condo buildings – one called The Lighthouse, which will be the tallest building in Aarhus – and a new main library branch, which they’re calling MEDIASPACE.

Isbjerget seems to be fairly controversial around Aarhus. It got lots of acclaim in the design world, but we’ve met many Danes who think it’s just an eyesore. We kind of like it. And at the very least, it’s very distinctive and will come to identify Aarhus the way the Rainbow on top of the ARoS museum does currently.

The Iceberg was actually just inaugurated this spring, and many parts of the rest of the harbor development should be finished in 2014. So Brian and I arrived at the perfect time to see these changes! (Of course, I’m most excited by the brand new library. Visit this website to take a 3D tour through the planned building. It’s going to be so awesome!)

And no, Isberget isn’t actually our house in Aarhus. But it was too perfect a picture to pass up.


2 thoughts on “What is that building in your picture?

  1. Allison, I think the Isberget is fabulous – and so distinctive! Have you been inside or talked to any of the residents? I’d be curious to know how it “lives.” Thanks so much for expanding my architectural knowledge. 🙂 All the best, Terri


    • Hi Terri! I haven’t, actually, met anyone who lives in Isberget. I agree with you though, that it’d be quite interesting. I know the whole idea of the new harbor area is to create a little neighborhood with its own shops and green spaces etc. So I would imagine that eventually it might be a very nice life there. However, it’s far from being complete, and at the moment Isberget is kind of far away from everything else. I’m glad that you like it 🙂


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